Monday, 28 October 2013

Quick Update

We got the brick issue sorted out and we have our bricks.  When I say 'our bricks' I mean the ones we originally requested.  Yes, they are now discontinued but apparently ours had been ordered before the discontinuation and there was a mix up with communication.

However - its all fixed now, and I'm very grateful that we do not have to re select a new brick.

Short and sweet today.  Where does time go?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

A brick is not just a brick....

I'm back to viewing bricks and I'm quickly reminded about how much of a headache this was the first time around.

Bricks are a sh!t aren't they ~ they change colour with the wind, the sun, the grout, the shadow - some are nicer than others, some have spots and flecks but not all of them, you can pick up 10 of the same brick and some will be fleckly and some will be gorgeous, some will chip easy, etc, etc, and the list goes on....

This is the time when my respect for artists and designers goes out of the stratosphere.  These people have keen trained eyes when it comes to colour.  I had no idea about all of this prior to building a house.  In the good old days white was white, brown was brown and I lived in a shade free world.

Now I live in a world where brown is brown until you stand it next to some other colour and that brings out the yellow tones and the green tones, but if you match it with this it brings out the gorgeous grey tones ~ well slap me happy who knows this stuff!!!!

Then we have texture, shine, spongyness, what a MOFO this is turning out to be.  I'm half tempted to put 10 bricks in a bucket and pick one out and say - that's the one, but I know I'll only live in regret.

I also have the people who like to remind me - a brick is a brick just pick one... yeah well I know a brick is a brick and I'm sure when you work on building sites and see houses being built every other day that its all in a days work.  However, this house to me is blood, sweat and tears - and I'm the one that will drive up the driveway everyday for the next 30 years while paying for these bricks and if I hate them that will piss me right off.

Yes I'm having a ranty. 

I'm going to look at my brick selections again today at 4pm, by that time the sun will be coming from hopefully a good angle, it won't rain on my parade, the colours will aline and all will be go well and a brick will be chosen - AND - my drama will be over.

Anyone else having a brick week??

I write my blog tongue in cheek.  I hope to pass on information but sometimes I just like to vent out the good and the bad.  However, in light of the current bushfire activities I'd like to note that even though there is a smidgion of annoyance regarding my bricks, I know they aren't a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  My hopes and prayers go out to the families, communities and firefighters who are suffering during this time.
Much love
Ms Betsy xo

Thursday, 17 October 2013

:-( I should change the name of this blog... Mortar & Dreams, cause I ain't got no bricks.

We were informed today that our bricks have been discontinued and Austral have none.

So I have a house with no bricks.

Everything is on hold.

Yes I'm being a drama queen.

I know I'll eventually get bricks but I want MY bricks, you know the ones I chose and based the colour of EVERYTHING else around.

Is it really this bad to be this disappointed?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Let there be water

Drove past the house today and was a little disappointed that nothing had happened.

When I got home, hubby said to me - "Did you go past the house?" Me: "Yeah they didn't do anything today" he looked at me like I was crazy.  I got marched back to the car and within 20 seconds I was deposited back outside the house - Yes, I'm blind....

We have taps people and water pipes - shiny sparkly taps {well outdoor taps and indoor pipes}...

Front External Tap


Shiny pipes

Yes there is only so much you can say about pipes and external taps, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves - LET THERE BE WATER!

Wonder if anything will happen tomorrow?

Ms Betsy

Saturday, 12 October 2013


I've got windows. 

I can't believe how quickly this is all coming together. The frame continued to be put up and the roof trusses went up all within about two days.

The thought "I wonder what happens next..." fluttered through my mind as I was driving past the other morning and I noticed that my windows had been delivered.  Just like that.. I then received photo's later in the day and they were installed.

McDonald Jones appear to have great tradies - they are in getting the job done, no nonsense style - kinda like that style, hope they stick with it.


Stacker doors
Starting to look like a house
It really is starting to take shape.  A few people have told me that things slow down a little once the bricks start, but I have to say I'm really impressed with how quickly the schedule is moving along, the organisation and the service.  So far, I'm having to pinch myself that it is all real.  Can't wait for our first walk through.
Ms Betsy

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Giant Jigsaw Puzzle

There is a giant jigsaw puzzle getting put together on my site today... Gee Wizz Magiz what a difference a day can make.

Will blog and post pics tomorrow... I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control.....

Okay bedtime, too much excitement for one day for me...

Ms Betsy!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Forever grateful

Building a house is a labour of love.  So much time and effort is put into the pre-planning before you even get to the starting line.

In my case this dream has been brewing for over 10 years.  I put in the hard yards for years, meandered around display villages, wondered what house would fit my family, wondered if we would ever get to a point in our lives to make our dreams come true.  I devoured blogs just like this one.

Then the time arrived.  FINALLY we could work towards our dream.  We visited display homes, we poured over brochures and magazines and crunched numbers and did all the things we were meant to do.

Then right as we were about to put the deposit down I was made redundant.  I vaguely remember hearing my husband say to me "Aren't you glad we didn't put that deposit down" and although I smiled and silently agreed in amongst the disappointment, I just couldn't give up the dream.  After a few days of feeling sorry for myself I was back in employment - determined.  I was temping but I was moving mountains to get a permanent job and I did it, within a week I was employed.  I was onto the bank, I had the balls rolling, I managed to secure a verbal go ahead from the bank even though my employment status was still in limbo (I had another 3 weeks to go before I even started the new job) but I wrote to my bank manager and begged (I have no shame).  He looked at my employment history and the fact that I'd been unemployed for about 48 hours in my life, he gave us the go ahead. Yes! The dream was still alive.

We were doing it.

Then the valuation came back and my dream was shot to pieces.  The valuation was under and miles from where we needed it to be.  It was the last straw.  I sat looking at the email, sitting at my new desk with my new colleagues surrounding me and internally I cried.  All the emotions that I'd held back from the redundancy and the pressures of finding a new job and chasing the dream all came crashing down and I died a little inside.  My brain was spinning, it was over.

Then I remembered reading a blog about someone who was building with McDonald Jones and they praised their mortgage broker.  I have no idea how I remembered that blog, but I found it.

Rebecca Jarrett-Dalton of Two Red Shoes came highly recommended.  I kid you not I emailed her and asked for a miracle.  She responded instantly, asked me for x, y & z which of course I had at hand, and within 24 hours she was sitting at my kitchen table working towards my miracle.  We tried everything to get my own bank to budge, we even went straight to the valuer, but they weren't in the business of handing out miracles so our broker went to work.

Rebecca gave us options, we picked one, a second valuation was arranged and I walked on egg shells for a couple of days.  Rebecca did her thing and our miracle was delivered.  We had a new valuation which came in higher than we needed (go figure), we had a new bank ~ who didn't even blink at the fact I was in a new job, and most importantly we had our dream again.

And here we are 6 months later building our dream home.

It is only fitting that I share Rebecca's details with anyone who reads this blog.  I am a true believer of word of mouth and Rebecca's company 'Two Red Shoes' deserves the praises that I'm singing.

If you, or anyone you know is in need of a Mortgage Broker who listens, understands, and is in the business of helping you achieve your goals, I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough.

Give her a call.  I know I'll be forever grateful that we did.

Ms Betsy xo