Saturday, 24 August 2013

Little bits of red wood...

I've been driving by my lot of land every day and yesterday morning I decided to give it a miss. 

Last night I went to see a late movie with my son - Mortal Instruments, City of Bones.  Go see it, its great - seriously... but I recommend you read the books first.  That is how my kid earns movies.  If he's read the book he gets the ticket..

Anyway I'm getting off topic.

On the way to the movies I decided to drive by the lot - IN THE PITCH DARK!

And of course we have progress... well a little bit.

What are those 4 little bits of wood on each corner of my lot?... here's one.

Yes I know, how exciting can a little stick of red wood be?

Now I've had over 3,000 visitors to this site, and a warm welcome to my readers from America and Russia - but can anyone tell me what these little red bits of wood are for?

I have them on each corner of the lot.  Someone please enlighten me?

Friday, 16 August 2013

We are on the...

Let the countdown begin... 20 days, 20 days, 20 days....

when the words...

"Construction will commence within 20 days" graced the screen of my phone, I didn't know whether to cry with relief or scream with joy.... screaming with joy won, I think my boss thought I was a maniac (of course I get this news while I'm at work).

Finally the big looooooong wait is over, the next 20 days is going to kill me but at least now I have a timeline to move towards.

I am so excited.  I can start to look forward instead of wondering when, were, and how long..

Saturday, 3 August 2013


I finally updated my electrical selections..

You can find it here or by clicking up there...

That hole in the wall that you put your fridge in...

Okay its been a few weeks.... imagine how long that feels to me!


...we finally got it.  Building approval is through.  Now we are waiting on a construction certificate and then once that is granted McDJ has the pleasure of 20 days to start doing 'something'.

I'm told that  as soon as they step foot on my property that that is day 1... you can bet your bottom dollar I will be setting up CCTV cameras on my property just so I can mark 'Day 1 of 150' off my calendar {I'm joking ~ seriously}. 

I have found myself in procrastination mode due to the whole council delay, so just to pass time, I pulled up my plans on the computer one day and started to look over them.

I spotted a few anomalies... and panicked.  So without further ado, here is something else to note when building your house.

That hole in the wall that you put your fridge in...

If you have increased the height of your doors throughout, and your fridge space is next to your pantry door, please remember and check that the fridge space height has also increased.  I did not even think about this, until it jumped out at me on the screen.

Secondly if you are putting a cupboard above your fridge within your fridge space and you are making it into a wine rack, please remember that if you have increased your fridge space height that you can increase your cupboard height too giving you three rows of wine instead of two.  Again, I just 'assumed' {there is that word you should never use in building) that this would automatically happen.  It didn't.

However all is good in my little world again. My trusty CLO got to work and fixed up everything and 24 hours later I was smiling again... I 'heart' McDJ.